Free Gifts from Jean Slatter and Creative MysticCreative Mystic takes YOU on An Unparalleled Journey Of UNDERSTANDING life's Deepest Questions with Three Free Gifts

Here's What You Will Receive

Gift #1  The Creative Mystic Minute

I'm all about giving YOU the insights and tools you need to assimilate your experiences. You know the saying in nutrition, you are what you eat? Not true! You are what you can assimilate. The same is true with your experiences. I love helping people get the their TRUTH, to know the Aha's of their experiences so they can assimilate the fullness.

Do you feel a longing to merge your soul's intention with your everyday life?
What Would That Feel Like For You? Do you wish you had a deeper understanding of your life's events? How Would That Change Your Experience?

The Creative Mystic Minute explores the magic and mystery of where your Life and Soul Meet.

Gift #2  The Creative Mystic Journal Pages

My Journal Pages ask the BIG Mystic Questions and explore the journey to Where Your Life and Soul Meet.

I will hold nothing back. You'll receive the information just as I did from my Guidance about where you came from, how you came to be, why you exist, and what you are here to do. I must admit, when these insights were revealed to me much of it surprised and even shocked me. In fact, the very foundations of my beliefs were rocked.

"You don't have to be spiritual or religious. My words will speak to your soul."

Gift #3  The Dowsing Today Videos

The incredible art of pendulum dowsing is the most widely used divination instrument throughout history. My purpose in developing the Dowsing Today videos is to dispel the misconception that dowsing is only an ancient practice for locating underground water.

Pendulum dowsing is the fastest method available to develop your intuition. Dowsing Today videos will open your eyes to the unlimited applications in everyday life. Whether you simply want a gateway to intuitive powers for ordinary questions or a stepping stone to psychic ability, pendulum dowsing is an indispensable tool for guidance.

Get Answers - Profound Answers - (no matter who or what you believe in.)


the world? Whether You Realize It Or Not, You're ALREADY ON IT!

And The PRIZE is YOU!!!

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IN ADDITION TO GIFT #1: The Creative Mystic Minute… You will also receive two more special gifts!

  • Gift #2:  You’ll receive the Creative Mystic Journal Pages asking the biggest mystic questions and exploring Where Your Life and Soul Meet.
  • Gift #3:  You’ll receive my short video series, Dowsing Today, that show you practical ways of integrating dowsing into your life.

With just these gifts, you’ll be well on your way to seeing extraordinary synchronicities and miracles in your life. You’ll be inspired to create your life from a whole new perspective!

Here's What You Will Receive

How would you like to receive all 37 Journal Pages together in one ebook?Now available!

Creative Mystic Journal Pages (ebook)


Why wait to receive the Journal Pages every 12 days when you can have them all right now. Enjoy insights from my journaling with Higher Guidance as I tackle the big questions such as “who are we?” “why do we exist?” and “what is our purpose?”

I hold nothing back. You receive it just as I did from my journaling.

Converse with your Higher Guidance and explore your own questions. Higher Guidance Journaling Level I.


Higher Guidance Journaling: Level 1 (eBook)


We all have an innate longing to know ourselves. We find ourselves asking the question, “What is my purpose?” or “What is the meaning of this?” This is the awakening of the Creative Mystic that lives inside of us. These big questions initiate the quest of the mystic and we find ourselves on a path of exploration and discovery.
This manual provides a foundation for Higher Guidance Journaling and a great introduction to some of the many useful tools that are available to you.