Four questions to answer…

Our soul longs to give and receive unconditional love. Life has a way, though, of bringing us face to face with our unfinished business and our barriers to love. Throughout our lives we all experience hurt and heartache. We may decide that the world is not a friendly place and we can’t count on others or we decide that it’s not safe to love. Brick by brick we construct a wall around our heart in the effort to protect ourselves.

What we eventually learn, however, is that the walls around our heart create the pain and the separation. We think the conditional love (“I’ll love you but only if you promise not to hurt me”) will protect us but in fact it locks us into more pain. When we open to unconditional love, we access Divine energy with infinite capacity to digest all pain, disappointment, and fear. It’s this unconditional love that offers us the truest protection and freedom. With it, we’re immune to the hurt that caused the walls in the first place.

This is your Soul’s Mission; to fully live life wide open to love. Challenge yourself to begin to dismantle the wall around your heart and have the courage to love.


Ask yourself these four questions:

Can you keep your heart open to love when you feel betrayed?

Can you keep your heart open to love when relationships fail?

Can you keep your heart open to love when you are criticized?

Can you keep your heart open to love when you are disappointed?


This is your Soul’s Mission to stay open to Love that melts resistance and eliminates boundaries. Stay open to Love as you work through difficulties and barriers that separate you from those closest to you.

Love will heal and transform and provide the mystical experience of discovering yourself and finding your Light.

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