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Fooling Ourselves

connectingSeveral years ago I attended a financial conference with approximately a thousand other people also hoping to achieve financial freedom sometime in their not-too-distant future. The well-known conference was expertly presented, as they knew that the primary reason for people struggling with finances were the thoughts hidden within the individuals’ psyche. Their way of getting at what those internal thoughts were was to ask a series of questions, which was minimally effective, because most of us don’t even know what our truth is. We make up stories that sound good, but we are so capable of delusion, illusion, and denial.

One of the exercises was a four page survey of negative statements about money and we were to rate them on a scale from one to ten (ten being the highest) according to how strongly we felt they were true. Money is the root of all evil. Money doesn’t grow on trees. The stock market is too hard to understand. You get the picture. All of my responses were either zeros or ones, which I thought was strange because I was not without financial issues. Obviously, there was something going on…perhaps denial or just a complete inability to see the truth.
When I returned to my hotel room, I did some Higher Guidance Journaling and asked: Are there a few of these statements that are, in truth, really a ten and I just don’t know it? Turns out there were three.

Naturally, I balked, (after all, the unconscious IS unconscious), and asked to be shown evidence of this truth. Well, one of the negative thoughts I had going was the belief that someday my ship will come in. After I thought about it for awhile, I realized that for my whole life I had been telling myself exactly that. And because of that belief, there were decisions I had made based upon thinking that someday in the future my ship would come in, instead of dealing with the reality of present time. I was shocked to realize how much I had based my financial life upon that very statement.

This shows the value of connecting with your Higher Guidance who is privy to the entire programming of your beliefs whether you are conscious of them or not. It is the most effective way at getting to your truth that I know of.

This is why Higher Guidance Journaling is so incredible. It reveals how we are capable of making up stories that sound good – even logical, but have absolutely no basis in our own truth. Like, we might make up a story that says, “I can’t make money because my mother said that I would never really amount to very much.” Okay, sounds logical, but is it true? Your Higher Guidance can tell you.

What is really holding you back? Get access to your code – ask your Higher Guidance! 

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