Dowsing to communicate with your pets!Written by Jean Slatter

dowsing to communicate

It seems nothing short of a miracle when we use dowsing to communicate, and receive an answer! Whether it is with our Higher Self or our little furry friends, using dowsing to communicate can be a fun and enlightening experience.

Animals can choose their name

Years ago I obtained an adorable Chihuahua from a rescue center. They had named her Ruby May and said she used to be called another name which I have forgotten. When I arrived home with her, I used dowsing to communicate and I asked my new little pet if she liked her name Ruby May. She replied emphatically “No!”

To do this, I used a pendulum to receive my yes/no answers letting it swing clockwise for yes and counterclockwise for no. I then proceeded to go through a number of pet names that I thought were cute asking her if she liked them. One by one she ruled them all out.

Finally I asked, “Well do you have a name already picked out that you would like to be called?”  “Yes!” she responded.

“Can you spell it for me?” I asked.  “Sure” she was happy to say.

I got out a dowsing chart with the alphabet on it and watched in fascination as the pendulum pointed to a C, O, Z, Y.  Cozy! I about fell over in astonishment because when I was talking with the rescue lady I asked her if this dog was a good lap dog and she replied, “Oh yes, this is a cozy girl!”

She is indeed a Cozy Girl.

Can you think of other ways of dowsing to communicate?

As you can see, you can use dowsing for such fun tasks! Of course pets may want to have a certain name and I was able to ensure Cozy got the name she wanted by using dowsing to communicate. That got me thinking of all the many other ways I can use my pendulum to communicate with the world around me.

About Jean – Jean Slatter is the founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach certification program, which teaches holistic healing modalities and spiritual philosophies intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness. She is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance. 

In 2005 Jean published her landmark book Hiring the Heavens which introduces a unique perspective on connecting with the power of the heavens to fulfill your daily and life goals. Hiring the Heavens is inspiring people all over the world to create their world in tandem with the workforce of the celestial realm.

Certification programs and courses – If you would like to learn more about becoming a Higher Guidance Life Coach, please visit the program overview page. Jean also provides multiple self-study courses including Hiring the Heavens-in depth, pendulum dowsing, and tools to raise your Transcendent Intelligence (TQ). You can find an overview of these courses here.

Audio and Ebooks – Jean provides a number of audio and Ebook products, which you can find here.

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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  1. Diedra Petrina on January 13, 2009 at 9:22 pm

    I love the story about naming your Chihuahua. I too have used dowsing for naming my minature poodle. I asked my higher guidence, Reka, to help me with this; using the alphabet chart and my pendulum, the name “Hu” came up. This did not make any sense to me so I tried it a second and third time only to come up with the same response. I started doing some research and found out that Hu is chinese. I asked a friend of mine that is from China and found out that Hu means no order; that sums up my little man’s personality in a nut shell.

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