Designing Our Earth ExperienceWritten by Jean Slatter


Designing Our Earth Experience

The complexity of how an experience is designed for a human life in consciousness is quite extraordinary. When my Guidance explained it to me it was enough to make my head spin.

So let me try to explain…

God has an “I wonder…” thought, and that Souls are created by God to explore the experience of that thought (and this could be across eons of time).  Your Soul then assigns various character-selves to play out certain roles for the purpose of exploring and experiencing the “I wonder…” thought.  Each character-self is imbued with their Soul’s unique qualities of Light from its Creator God.

However, the Soul has guidelines to abide by when designing the experience and character-self.  The Soul has to design an experience operating within the parameters of the default programs of the Earth experience. These guidelines include the primary default program of duality, the physics of our universe, and the laws of Nature.  Note that the laws of Nature govern the procreation of all living creatures, humans being one of them.

This brings up a very important concept: the procreation of the human species is going on regardless of the Soul!  Humans procreate according to the Nature program just as every other creature does.  Are you shocked?  I was, and I’m not aware of anyone else espousing this concept.

Choosing the Earth Body

The Soul is responsible for creating a human character-self, and yet humans procreate according to the Laws of Nature.  So how does this all come together?

The Soul begins to design the exploration of the “I wonder…” thought and knows that it must follow the various guidelines.  This includes choosing an Earth body.

Have you ever heard the idea that we choose our parents? Believe it or not, that saying is somewhat true; and it’s all about the experience!  Actually, our Soul chooses the body in which it would like to manifest an experience. The Soul wisely decides the best logistical situation for each of its character-selves in which to incarnate that will facilitate the experience desired. The Soul then picks that human body (typically before birth) to “inhabit”.

Convergence of Information

Again, you must remember that everything abides by guidelines of “the experience.”  As each human is conceived there is a convergence of genetic information from both parents. This is part of the Nature program and is not influenced by the Soul.  In other words, you get what you get by chance.

At the moment of birth there is also a convergence of information from numerous sources that influence the personality, characteristics, and innate abilities and so on of an individual. These sources included information from the stars and sacred geometry of the universe.  This download of information is why astrology and numerology can give us such an accurate picture of many of our tendencies and characteristics.

Based upon the Soul’s strategic choices, the character-self is also downloaded with evolutionary consciousness programs such as the mind-set of a particular culture and family or even nation. Strongly held beliefs of mass consciousness are downloaded and become fairly rigid programs within which we operate. The Soul and its character-selves also carry over remembrance from past lives which include karma and strongly held personal beliefs that we develop.

Pulling it all together

It is mind boggling to try to grasp how we design a human experience.  The Soul finds this such an intriguing challenge that it desires this opportunity above all else. Truly life is a precious and extraordinary gift!


Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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