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"I discovered the keys to a power beyond my wildest dreams. I wanted to understand this power and use it at will. And I knew that if I could learn how to, so could you..."

Develop a closer relationship to your angels and harness their extraordinary power to co-create in your everyday life



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Awaken your intuitive genius and get the guidance, direction and clarity you've been seeking for your life's decisions



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Discover your purpose, reveal your soul's plan, and apply this discount toward becoming a certified practitioner


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Package A

Hiring the Heavens In-Depth Program pictures of girl dancing on beach

"Connect With Your Angels!"

Hiring the Heavens In-Depth Self-Study Video Course

"Why not Hire from the Heavens?" More fantastic than the Law of Attraction and ridiculously easy to use. Discover how easy it can be to call upon the gifts and talents in the world of energy and employ a spiritual workforce as you personal power team!"


hiring the heavens screenshot
Wield the co-creative power of the universe!

Imagine having a best friend with you at all times, giving advice and insight for any question you have about your life.

Now imagine an infinite number of friends who are experts in every area of concern in your life and they’ll support you on a moment’s notice.

Well guess what? You can have as many celestial friends, advisors or counselors as you need or want. In fact, they are waiting patiently for you to ask for their help saying, “pick me, pick me!” In this module you’ll jump into magic and serendipity as you learn how to harness the power of the angelic realm to co-create your world. You will learn numerous exciting and playful techniques to help you develop a close personal relationship with your celestial team. Soon you’ll wonder how you ever got along without your heavenly hires.

The time has come for you to experience a whole new UNIVERSE OF POWER from your celestial friends! In Hiring the Heavens In-Depth, you will learn how to:

► Develop a close, personal friendship with Spirit, Angels and heavenly beings

  • Discover a simple, practical approach to master the co-creative process
  • Create personal committees of Light/Spiritual Beings for assistance in every area of your life
  • Experience a steady stream of rapid ongoing miracles and synchronicity
  • Most profoundly, have an epiphany of the highest order when you come to know who you really are.

Go beyond the Law of Attraction into the Law of Grace and discover the magic in your life

  • Gain a whole new perspective on how you create – one you’ve never heard before
  • Understand when the Law of Attraction works and when it doesn’t and how you can make the most of it
  • Make the quantum leap into the Law of Grace so that you can be the master of your life, not the victim
  • Expand your awareness into the pure potential of choice

Understand the Three Primary Laws of Manifesting

  • Be astounded when you realize you operate as a Trinity in every moment!
  • Finally comprehend why sometimes bad things happen to good people
  • Learn why the belief “there are no accidents” is absolutely false on one level
  • Learn why sometimes you are the victim and sometimes you are not
  • Gain the knowledge to be the most effective creator you can be
  • Imagine waking up each morning knowing you have god-within and asking with great enthusiasm, “God, what do we want to create today?”

#1. MP3 of Hiring the Heavens

Listen to Hiring the Heavens wherever you are!

Hiring the Heavens introduces an employment metaphor that brings the concept of “connecting with Spirit” firmly down to Earth.

With fun, familiar imagery and an easy “hiring” process, it teaches you how to recruit the resources of the Heavens and mobilize a talented and willing celestial “staff.”

Discover how easy it can be to call upon the gifts and talents in the world of energy, and Employ your very own workforce of angels!

This downloadable MP3 is narrated by Jean Slatter.

Hiring the Heavens MP3 picture

#2.Hiring the Heavens Companion eWorkbook

Organize your Hiring the Heavens committees in one place with this handy companion workbook!

Everything you need to know is included as a review so that you can get started right away.

This workbook provides you with the step by step instructions along with full page forms for managing your committees.

Sections include “Hiring in the Spirit Realm”, “Hiring as the Creator”, and “Designing Your Committees.”

Hiring the Heavens Companion Workbook PDF

"Do you want to know what I love about your Hiring the Heavens?   It's the elegant simplicity.  To me that's a hallmark of teachings that attract me most.  It is so simple and easy to understand yet it engages you at every level.  It's just plain fun and so very useful at the same time.  Well, I have to go sing to my angels for finding me just the right edgy sweater in my best color blue at bargain basement prices tonight.  $7.49!  Can you believe it?  That's worth a happy song.  What fun!"  - Tippy


"Somehow in the distracting busy-ness of the last 15 years I had forgotten the power of specific prayer. You've taught an important concept though and I now have a company of about 50 angels in my employ these days. I am impressed at how down to earth they are and their range of knowledge.  They know everything from soup to nuts."  - Charlene


"I have your book Hiring the Heavens and I LOVE it and I have purchased it for 5 of my family members. It really works, from little things like finding a file to big things like finding a job." - Kathleen


"About 4 years ago, I discovered a little book called 'Hiring the Heavens' by Jean Slatter. From the moment learned about Hiring the Heavens, it really sang to me. I felt like it was exactly what I needed. My life went from great to PHENOMENAL!" - AmondaRose


Package B

TQ Advantage picture of girl on beach

"Awaken your intuitive genius!"

TQ Advantage Sef-Study Video Course

(Includes everything in Package A)
Plus Additional Bonuses

Finally, have the tools you need to get direct answers from your intuitive mind that are precise, insightful and so mind-blowing accurate you'll never want to be without the TQ Advantage!


tq advantage screenshot

Tap into the expansive creativity of the intuitive mind and get the TQ Advantage!

Most people are familiar with the term IQ, which measures a person’s intelligence.

Did you know that every person also has a TQ, which stands for transcendental intelligence?

This is that innate intelligence beyond the intellect.

In this module you will learn how to bypass the logical mind and go directly to the one source who knows you better than anybody – YOU! You’ll learn how to awaken and strengthen your transcendental intelligence utilizing simple and immediately applicable techniques. You’ll learn how to connect with your Higher Guidance to finally get the answers you are seeking for the big and small questions.

You’ll be trained to use Tarot and other oracles, how to dowse with a pendulum and how to use a unique form of journaling that gets you directly in touch with your Higher Guidance.

Discovering and raising your TQ is so much fun that it will become your go-to method for receiving answers for you and your clients! Here’s a sampling of what you will learn:

► Develop your transcendental intelligence even if you never thought you were intuitive

  • Learn how to distinguish between the voice of Higher Guidance and your own mind chatter
  • Experience transforming your doubts and insecurities about your intuition into trust, confidence and certainty
  • Discover simple forms of muscle testing for quick yes/no answers

Become adept at receiving insights through oracles and pendulum dowsing

  • Learn the basics of pendulum dowsing for receiving spot-on answers
  • Learn how to formulate accurate questions that remove ambiguity in your answers
  • Be astonished at the mind-blowing accuracy of Tarot and other oracles
  • Experience the big picture wisdom of the Runes

Discover an engaging form of journaling with your Higher Guidance

  • Create a personal dialog with your spirit guides and get answers to any questions you might have
  • Learn how to “follow the lead” of your Higher Guidance
  • Go beyond simple yes and no answers to a conversation with words
  • Finally have a system to make sense of your life and soul


dowsing holding-tarot stack-of-tarot                                      pendulum

The Hiring the Heavens Self-Study Video Course
#1. MP3 of Hiring the Heavens
#2. Hiring the Heavens Companion eWorkbook
#3. Higher Guidance Journaling ebook

Want to have a heart to heart conversation with your Higher Guidance?

You can!

Your Higher Guidance, Angels and Guides are eager to share with you their exceptional wisdom specific to your unique journey and soul.

You get to ask the questions like, “What is my purpose?” or “What is the meaning of this?” or “What do I need to know to move forward?”

You’ll receive direct answers from you Higher Guidance that are so spot on that your jaw will hit the floor!

This ebook will provide everything you need to begin a practical conversation with Spirit, teach you how to ask the question correctly, and learn a number of tools to “hear” the answers.

Higher Guidance Journaling

"TQ Advantage supported and deepened what I know to be true. I learned skills to be in touch with my Higher Guidance and expanded my understanding of my purpose. I learned how to remove the obstacles that have been keeping my goals out of reach."  — Katherine


"There is a new explosion of Light and Love energy and this seminar is on the crest of the wave. It will bring out your highest potential. I believe Jean is receiving guidance to fulfill every new level." — Sky


"TQ Advantage was such a fun experience and taught me how to communicate with my Higher Guidance and believe in that guidance." — Linda


"TQ Advantage opened me up to my Higher Guidance and gave me tools I can really use by myself and for others. The information was well organized. I laughed a lot and received validation and really grew." — Saun


"TQ Advantage is such a great value because it provides an amazing array of tools to answer any question you can propose. It will help you find clarity as to your purpose in this life and help you experience greater joy. What a wonderful journey of learning, loving and living!" — Shelly


"This course helps you to get in touch with the aspect of yourself that is a creator. The processes and insights Jean offers are like a gentle breeze that once applied can give you the tools to transform into the person you know you are but didn't know how to access." — Grace


Package C

Creative Mystic Spiritual Studies picture of guy on beach

"Know beyond a doubt:
who you are, why you're here and what your pupose is!"

Creative Mystic Spiritual Studies Self-Study Video Course

(Includes everything in Packages A & B)
Plus Even More Bonuses

Bring heaven down to earth and understand your physical life through the creative mystic experience. Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I?” or “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose?” If so, can you imagine how much easier life would be if you knew the answer to those questions?


creative mystic advantage screenshot
In the Creative Mystic module you get to learn the answers to these questions and more.

Your life will be transformed from a seeming series of random events to a divine orchestration with you as the conductor. Rather than ending up in another dead-end job, unhealthy relationship or painful health issue without a remedy, your life will become a grand adventure that bursts with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly who you are and what you are here to do.

The Creative Mystic module is a study of the spiritual aspect of life that illuminates the exquisite connection where your life and soul meet. In this module, you will:

Embark on a fantastic treasure hunt of self-discovery that will captivate your heart and soul

  • Fall in love with “who you are” as you unveil your gifts of spirit and your unique life purpose
  • Discover why you matter
  • Meet your High Council, your spiritual guides entrusted with your destiny
  • Answer the mystic’s questions: how did we get here, what is our purpose and how do we create?

► Understand the Four Aspects of your life’s purpose

  • Identify your core essence of the Light that you shine
  • Reveal what it is that you are uniquely qualified to do with the Light that you shine
  • Realize your divine right to negotiate your contract for your calling
  • Get the depth of wisdom that comes from knowing what your soul came here to do
  • Know what is “Yours to do” and act upon it with assurance

Discover the Four Cornerstones of Creation upon which all your life can be built.

  • Build a solid foundation that allows you to create your dreams with assurance
  • Discover the essential Accept, Claim and Proclaim process which must be done before manifestation can take place
  • Deepen your understanding of life as you learn how to receive messages from three distinct aspects of your being
  • Finally get clarity on what’s been missing in your manifesting skills
  • Shift your experience of reality to a magical orchestration of your life and soul with divine purpose behind every expression

Once you have awakened the Creative Mystic within, you will be amazed and in awe as magic and miracles are yours to create.  And, whether you’re shopping for groceries or watching the brilliance of a sunrise, you will have a greater sense of purpose, delight, clarity, joy, wonder, and peace. In short, you’ll have access to the “Wow” factor in life again.

Please Join Me on this Journey.

The Hiring the Heavens & TQ Advantage Self-Study Video Courses
#1. MP3 of Hiring the Heavens
#2. Hiring the Heavens Companion eWorkbook
#3. Higher Guidance Journaling ebook
#4. The Secret Power of Wants ebook

Find out what you truly want!

Knowing what you want should be second nature.

Still, there is unrest for many of you being drawn to the title of “The Secret Power of Wants” and you intuitively know there is much to be explored.

Knowing what you want sounds so simple and straightforward, yet the symptoms of not knowing are obvious and rampant.

The Higher Guidance Way to Unleash the Secret Power of Wants explodes the myth that we are motivated by our needs, and unveils the energy that comes with doing what you want to do.

Learn easy methods of accessing your higher guidance to discover what you truly want and begin experiencing more energy, joy, and achievement with a purpose driven life.

The Secret Power of Wants ebook

"Creative Mystic is SO powerful and has accelerated my life's growth. It is truly magical. I was meant to take this class. At the time I had no money and the timing was a pinch, yet I decided to jump. I trusted my guidance and I am so grateful that I did." — Kristin


"Jean is such an excellent teacher. Creative Mystic covered many hours but not a minute was long or boring. I'm so grateful to have been there. I feel very inspired to share what I've learned. My dowsing is much better since the class and the transformation that is taking place in my life is quite exciting. I feel I was divinely guided to Creative Mystic and I think Jean is amazing. Jean, thank you for all the hours you've spent on finding the answers to the benefit of us all." — Christina


"Creative Mystic is such a great gift and has been such a confirming experience. It opened doors that I have been trying to open for years. I had been looking for a way to access blockages quicker and at a deeper level and know how to remove them quickly. I now have access to so many different options! Creative Mystic is an eye opening experience that is unique and tailored to each individual in an absolutely safe and loving environment. The enthusiasm is contagious and the techniques you learn can easily be tapped into whenever you need them - for life." — Shirley


"Creative Mystic is unlike any other course I have ever taken. Have an open mind and be prepared to have your boat rocked in a good way. It's amazing!" — Cindy


"On a scale of 1-10 I'd give Creative Mystic a 12! It was more than I could have hoped for. It will change your life." — Tina


"I have been longing to know who I am for so long. I have known that I was not living the life I was meant to live but could not find the portal to allow this discovery - until now. I understand now why the Creative Mystic logo is the master key. This course is a toolkit of blessings and will help you understand how to heal your life. You will wish you had these tools years ago." — Lee


"Creative Mystic is a truly amazing, enlightening, empowering and uplifting experience. It will change your life in a very positive way. What a phenomenal course!" — Rose


"Jean has such passion and enthusiasm that even a skeptic would be won over. I was enthralled with all the information and I know that I will continue to grow and expand my experience of joy because of this course." — Diana


picture of Jean Slatter

About Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance. In 2005, Jean published her landmark book Hiring the Heavens which introduced a unique perspective on connecting with the power of the heavens to fulfill your daily and life goals. Hiring the Heavens is inspiring people all over the world to create their world in tandem with the workforce of the celestial realm. Since its release date in 2005, Hiring the Heavens has been consistently ranked in the top 3% of books sales on Amazon.com. Jean is the founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach Certification Program & the Creative Mystic program which teaches holistic healing modalities and spiritual philosophies intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness. She has been featured on Gaiam TV, Conscious Media Network, and Hay House Radio with Iyanla Vanzant. She has also been a presenter at the Awakenings conferences along with Marianne Williamson, Joe Vitale, Dan Millman, Jean Houston and Don Miguel Ruiz and the keynote speaker at the Unity Conference in Florida. Jean’s materials have been featured in noted publications such as First for Women magazine, Science of Mind, New Age Journal, Conscious Living Magazine, and many others. She had been on dozens of radio and blogtalk programs. Jean Slatter is a Higher Guidance Life Coach specializing in receiving intuitive information to help clients optimize their potential and realize their dreams and goals through integrated wellbeing of mind, body and spirit. Jean works one on one coaching clients by connecting with their Higher Guidance. Jean’s unique intuitive ability has helped many on their path of personal and spiritual discovery as they move toward a greater awareness and understanding of life’s events. Jean is a Certified Traditional Naturopath and has had a private practice since 1992.

Three amazing courses

to help you access your intuition and Higher Wisdom and open the door to a life of personal enlightenment, holistic well-being, and abundance in every way.

Are you ready to explore where your life and soul meet?

Module One Hiring the Heavens

Self-Study Video Training


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Module Two TQ Advantage

Self-Study Video Training


SAVE $140!

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Module Three Creative Mystic Spiritual Studies

Self-Study Video Training


SAVE $280!

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