Is It Possible?
Access to Higher Guidance In a Way That Fulfills Your Soul & Creates Your Abundance?

ATTENTION: All Individuals Who Feel "There's Just Gotta Be More To Life Than This".
Who Feel You're Somehow Missing Your PURPOSE Here On Earth.

The Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Program Gives You All The Keys To Answer
All of Your Life’s Questions, Big and Small

"Who Am I? What Am I Here To Do?” to the mundane of “Should I Eat a Salad Today, or Soup?"

imagine Join Jean Slatter and like-minded participants in an extraordinary certification program that will teach you how to awaken your intuitive self through direct access to Higher Guidance. Higher Guidance is the only source that knows you completely and can give you the most effective and direct information concerning your life. Take out the guesswork and discover where your life and soul meet.

Become a Creative Mystic Intuitive!!

Higher Guidance Life Coaching Key


Do It For Yourself First...

The Promise of Creative Mystic Intuitive is to:
First and foremost, teach you how to tap into your Higher Guidance as your constant companion for self-discovery and to ignite a passion for exploring where your life and soul meet.  


Do It For Others...

Secondly as a bonus of this course, you will have the tools you need to give intuitive readings as a career or to enhance your existing career as a Creative Mystic Intuitive™: showing you how to harness the infinite wisdom of Higher Guidance which provides the quickest, most accurate and relevant counsel for your clients so they can finally make sense of their life’s journey and ultimately create the life of their dreams.


The Creative Mystic™ Journey is Like a Fantastic Treasure Hunt and YOU are the Prize!


Whether you realize it or not, you’re already on a spiritual journey.

journey What soul hasn’t wondered “Who am I? Why am I? and What am I here to do?”  “Do I matter?”

These are the quintessential mysteries of the soul that have been explored throughout the
ages and frankly, they can only be satisfied by you. live-love-embrace

You might think that you have no time to invest in becoming a more present, spiritual being. I totally get it—it’s a common 21st century dilemma: we find ourselves trapped between living a very material life—trying to balance work, taking kids to sports practice, cooking dinner, and having fun, friends, and loved ones—all the while trying to figure out those deep, spiritual questions.

We cannot remove ourselves from our earthly obligations, but let me tell you this: it is possible to live your life from the spiritual realm as well as from the physical realm.

What I’ve learned is that life is a spiritual experience and cannot be otherwise.

Our primary job as spiritual beings is to fully inhabit and embrace our human experience-to live it, explore it, and love it. The enlightenment we seek is already ours. Once we have the tools we can be more spiritually mindful in human form where it can be used in daily life, practically and purposefully.

This is the journey of a Creative Mystic™.


Kelley Neumann Shares Her Personal Story...

The times we live in call for a new kind of mystic, a Creative Mystic™

Which of these areas would you like to connect with your Higher Guidance about?


Gain the clarity you need to understand the messages life is trying to give you.

Why you keep experiencing the same situation over and over again.

What the purpose was of a specific event.

How to move forward and what is blocking you from doing that.


Know what path to take at any crossroad.

What decision would work out best for you and anyone else involved.

How to get back on track when you’ve lost your way.

Intuit when it is time to change directions altogether.


Discover who you are and exactly what you are here to do.

Know how to live your highest potential.

Confident that what you do matters and makes a difference.

Recognizing and shining your unique gifts of spirit.

Cherishing your body and feeling comfortable in your skin.

The Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Certification program is for those who are READY to exponentially grow personally and professionally. It is perfect for:

Life or Business Coaches

Holistic Practitioners

Spiritual Seekers

Self-Growth Enthusiasts

Health Practitioners

Energy Workers

New Thought Ministers



Why is being able to tap into Higher Guidance important?

♦ Aren’t you tired of chasing the same personal issue over and over again, and falling back on what you’ve always done before just because you didn’t know where to turn?

♦ Don’t you wish you could get some valid direction when you don’t like what’s happening in your life?

♦ Do you feel like something is missing in the happiness department?

♦ Are you wondering if you are living your life’s purpose?


You’re not alone! Everybody feels that way sometimes.

Learning how to be a Creative Mystic Intuitive™ can show you how to get the answers for yourself and others!!!


The key is being able to tap into Higher Guidance.

The Creative Mystic Intuitive™ program has the answers you are seeking for any area of your life – honestly!

This means you can get clarity, direction and purpose

in your relationship with a significant other
on your career path
dealing with your health challenges
knowing that you are giving to others in a way that matters

You name it…whatever is on your mind, whatever concerns you, whatever you want clarity about, your Higher Guidance KNOWS your solution.

Without the insight of Higher Guidance, you can spend years of frustration and thousands of dollars experiencing the same issues and questions over and over again without finding clues to your answers.

♦ Aren’t you tired of chasing the same personal issue over and over again, and falling back on what you’ve always done before just because you didn’t know where to turn?

♦ Don’t you wish you could get some valid direction when you don’t like what’s happening in your life?

♦ Do you feel like something is missing in the happiness department?

♦ Are you wondering if you are living your life’s purpose?

You’re not alone! Everybody feels that way sometimes.

Learning how to be a Creative Mystic Intuitive™ can show you how to get the answers for yourself and others!!!

That source is your Higher Guidance.

So, what is Higher Guidance exactly?

Higher Guidance is the divine thread connecting you back to Source where all things are known.

Your Higher Guidance is that part of you that knows everything about you

every thought you’ve ever had,
every experience you’ve lived,
every incarnation in which you’ve participated,
all the way back to the beginning of your soul’s path.

And the most exciting part, not only does your Higher Guidance know where you are coming from

it knows where you’re going,
it knows what choices are in your best interest,
and it knows how to fulfill your purpose.

By connecting to Higher Guidance you’ll receive answers directly from the only aspect of yourself that knows your truth with such astounding accuracy that you’ll be awestruck!

Finding out the truth of the journey is the biggest adventure life has to offer.

***Just imagine where you would be in life if you had the KEYS to a deeper understanding and a trusted source to go to for concerns about any area of your life and knew how to coach others through their discovery as well!!***

Malinda Zarate Shares Her Personal Story…

Detailed Information about the Program

What exactly is the Creative Mystic Intuitive™ program?

Experience a whole new love for life’s journey.

wield-the-power The Creative Mystic™ Spiritual Studies will help you know yourself more fully than you’ve ever known yourself before.

A Creative Mystic™ has a foot in both worlds – the physical world of career, kids, laundry and chores, and the spiritual world of synchronicity, meaning, purpose and magical creation.

It’s full of tools, practical steps, and specific methods for accessing your Higher Guidance and making sense of your life and soul.

Discovery of who you are is behind every moment, thought, emotion, and turn of events. Your life is lived from a new perspective that continually honors everything that shows up – without exception. Magic and serendipity are omnipresent and you will instantly recognize the gift of life that you have been given and the gift that you are to the world.


Frequent awe-inspiring AHA moments will ignite in you and your clients a sense of excitement, playfulness and joy for the grand adventure of life.

Imagine waking up each morning charged with enthusiasm and bursting with the energy to create!

“It’s like the most fantastic treasure hunt you can possibly imagine and you are the prize!”


How is Creative Mystic Intuitive™ different?

The Creative Mystic Intuitive™ shows you … high-self

…that you hold your own truth, and that there is no guru on Earth that can tell you what your truth is; only you can.

That’s why I created the Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Certification program with the mission of handing you the keys to discover your truth, thereby attaining complete clarity, direction and purpose and to do the same for others.

The key is being able to tap into the wisdom of Higher Guidance! This gives you a distinct advantage of providing council that is uniquely relevant and personal to yourself and each client.


Higher Guidance is the only place you can get up-to-the minute, relevant answers to your life’s quandaries. Answers that are so spot-on you’ll have goose bumps.


Not only will you get clarity, direction and purpose for creating your life but

you’ll learn how to give intuitive readings for others and get paid generously for it!

  • Are you ready to learn how to heighten intuition and receive your own answers?
  • Are you ready to accelerate your personal growth with powerful and highly effective tools?
  • Are you ready to clear away the blocks that are holding you back from realizing your dreams?
  • Are you ready to manifest in a way that is so much more profound than just using the Law of Attraction?


What will the Creative Mystic Intuitive™ program teach me?

The Creative Mystic™ program will help you reclaim and resurrect your connection to Higher Guidance.

dowsing Creative Mystic™ is designed to provide methodologies and key concepts that make self-intuition a straightforward, engaging process relevant to your most pertinent questions. You will learn how to receive tangible feedback from your Higher Guidance utilizing ancient tools such as tarot cards and pendulum dowsing in a modern format.

Once armed with your Higher Guidance you will be ready to identify hidden obstacles that are keeping you from reaching your full potential. You will learn high-impact, breakthrough programs that will provide immediate and long term changes that include higher incomes, better relationships, a greater sense of inner peace and true power.

Finally you’ll have the tools to skyrocket personal growth in a way that’s fun, easy, engaging and feasible in today’s world. A whole new perspective on the magic of life awaits you!

The Creative Mystic Intuitive™ program will show you how to: holding-tarot

  • Remove self-sabotage blocks
  • Optimize your will power and learn how Power Blessing can go beyond forgiveness
  • Heighten your intuition through Tarot, oracles and pendulum dowsing
  • Receive insight about your purpose
  • Understand the message of dis-ease
  • Meet your High Council
  • Discover your gifts of Spirit
  • Help others through self-discovery

You have the answers – you just need to know how to get them.

  • Converse with your Higher Guidance as easily as though you were having afternoon tea with a trusted friend.
  • Discover who you are and what your purpose is.
  • Be able to focus your awareness on your world, your sphere of influence, the people, and experiences that you want to attract.
  • Constantly look at events as opportunities.
  • Adopt the perspective that everything in your life was created “for” you.
  • Ask the tough questions to explore your own truth.
  • Become aware of your spiritual/human nature.
  • Be able to fully inhabit and embrace your human experience as a spiritual being.
  • Be continuously on the journey of knowing who you are where self-discovery is behind every moment, thought, emotion and turn of events.
  • Allow magic and serendipity to be omnipresent in your life.
  • Be in constant communication with your Higher Guidance.

 “It’s like a fantastic treasure hunt and the prize is you!”

“Creative Mystic™ is SO powerful and has accelerated my life’s growth. It is truly magical. I was meant to take this class. At the time I had no money and the timing was a pinch, yet I decided to jump. I trusted my guidance and I am so grateful that I did.” — Kristin
How will this program change my life?

When you know who you are and what you do matters:

that knowing changes everything! Every unfolding event becomes based on this knowing: every relationship you are in, every major decision you make, every career choice you contemplate making…

In short, you get to live your life ON purpose, and WITH purpose,

and fulfill your soul’s destiny!

The Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Certification program will give you the knowledge you need to:

♦ make the changes in your life that create the turnaround that you’ve always wanted
♦ find more delicious ways to love and appreciate yourself and in turn, see the same magnificence in others
♦ re-claim the lost parts of yourself by discovering the precious wisdom you hold from your past experiences
♦ be assured that you’re not alone and that you always have ready access to your Higher Guidance
♦ awaken the wonder and awareness of the divine orchestration behind every experience


“Whether you utilize this information I share with you for a career or for your own possibility to deepen your understanding of Who You Are and Why You are Here, the processes and information will be a path/opening for you to discover an incredibly valuable Treasure… and that is YOU!”

How do I know this won’t be just another program collecting dust on my shelf?

The valuable skills and abilities you learn will be so practical, down-to-earth, and accessible that you’ll never want to be without them! You will absolutely view this knowledge as essential to your well-being.

round-and-round The Higher Guidance way is the quickest, most time effective, and comprehensive way to fully know yourself or to help your clients come to know their truth. It really is the most direct way to get to the root source of anything.

Once you discover how to go within and consult with your Higher Guidance, you will have this ability for the rest of your life! You will develop such a close personal relationship with your Higher Guidance that you’ll wonder how you ever got along without such wise and insightful counsel and loving companionship.

What awaits you is a deeper sense of understanding and gratitude for any experience you’ve lived through.

You don’t have worry that this is just a fad that will be irrelevant next year. To the contrary, this little known knowledge has been around for thousands of years and whether you know it or not, it belongs to you and is your God-given birthright!

Knowing how to connect with and receive answers from your Higher Guidance should be taught to everyone!

Is there a demand for services of a Creative Mystic Intuitive™?

Intuitive insights are always valued and thousands have been able to create fulfilling and flourishing careers by providing concise and relevant channeling.  It’s a fabulous career choice and the reasons are clear.


  • Compared to other career paths, you can have a business up and running with a minimal investment of time and money.
  • You can conduct your life coaching business from the comfort and convenience of your home saving you both time and money.
  • You can work with clients all over the world using Skype or other internet software.
  • You can set your own schedule giving you the freedom and flexibility to make it work around your life.
  • You are your own boss and able to set your own fees.

Designed to use both for personal growth and as a business, this certification program will give you everything you need to manifest your hopes and dreams while having the career of a lifetime.

Let me tell you, this work is so rewarding that you just can’t help but be overflowing with tremendous gratitude for life and the precious journey toward your TREASURE… which is YOU!

It’s a HIGH with a Higher View!

What is the difference between the Creative Mystic Intuitive™ certification and the Higher Guidance Life Coach™ certification?

There are two extraordinary certification programs to expand your personal growth and career opportunities.

Consider Becoming a Creative Mystic Intuitive™

  • The Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Certification covers three exciting modules. It starts with the Hiring the Heavens In-Depth module, then TQ Advantage module and finally, The Creative Mystic™ Spiritual Studies module. With this certification you will have the understanding you need to give Higher Guidance intuitive readings for yourself and others through the use of pendulum dowsing, tarot and oracles. You will have a strong working knowledge of the Treasure Hunt that takes you on the journey to discover who you are and what you are here to do. This is a 3 month study.

Consider Becoming a Higher Guidance Life Coach™

  • The Higher Guidance Life Coach Certification™ program continues on after the first three modules of Creative Mystic Intuitive™. This program adds an additional module teaching very advanced modalities and techniques for healing mind, body and spirit. This training is perfect for those who want to go more in depth with their personal growth and career opportunities by adding a strong working knowledge of the energy body and the minds of consciousness.  Students learn how to identify imbalances and apply healing modalities to restore well-being for personal empowerment. This is a 6 month study and includes the Creative Mystic Intuitive™ program.
What to expect during the 3-month program?

Through a combination of pre-recorded video training and live hands on attention with teachers and classmates, students receive everything they need to create an amazing coaching practice and take their own personal growth into deeper dimensions at warp speed.

at-home vacation

The Advantages of the Format are:

♦ You can take the Creative Mystic Intuitive certification from anywhere in the world, whether it be your home, office, local coffee shop,  or you favorite vacation spot (just as long as there’s WIFI).

♦ Through live video chat, you’ll get visual and auditory learning.

♦ You can have an exciting and rewarding career up and running in less than 3 months!


“Delightful AHA moments abound just around the corner!”

Here’s how the three month long program will look for you:

Online video training at your convenience

Every week, you will have 2-3 hours of pre-recorded, online video lectures that you are responsible for viewing. These videos will be the backbone of your training and will be absolutely necessary to watch in order to participate in the weekly support calls. Every week you will visit a new topic and staple of what will become your successful Creative Mystic Intuitive™ business.

Weekly Support Calls to discuss the week’s lessons and answer any questions

During these illuminating weekly calls, we’ll focus on understanding the depth and implications of each week’s lessons. This is a time in which we uncover life’s secrets to catapult you to your next level of happiness and success. These powerful sessions help you know who you are and manifest on purpose. Be ready to engage in heart-opening practices for joy, connection and fun!

A supportive, loving online community

The understanding, warmth and compassion of our Creative Mystic Intuitive group™ is unrivaled. Become a part of an amazing community of like-minded people, and know that this magical synergy has the power to change the world! Together, your growth will be without limits. Imagine a safe, nurturing space where you can bond and share… give and receive… in a supportive circle

Private Email Access

Never again will you be without support. During the 3-month long program you will have direct access to your certified facilitator and fellow students.

Textbook – Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Manual

Get the most comprehensive guide to personal transformation out there. By following the course along with the manual, you will watch yourself transform as you come to know who you are, why you’re here, where you came from, and where you’re going. This manual sets a powerful stage for your most grand and glorious adventure into miracles!

When you embark on this training experience, you instantly begin to make changes in your life creating turnarounds that re-claim lost parts of yourself from your past experiences. The commitment that comes from this type of program gets the ball rolling and becomes a potent catalyst for your personal gifts, relationships, income and success.

I will be there with you along this journey, but the real beauty of this process is that within 3 months, when we’re finished, you’ll have the tools, wisdom, experience and confidence to create the life that you have longed for and deserve.

Take a Look at these exciting modules…

Module One Hiring the Heavens

Wield the co-creative power of the universe!

Imagine having a best friend with you at all times, giving advice and insight for any question you have about your life. Now imagine an infinite number of friends who are experts in every area of concern in your life and they’ll support you on a moment’s notice. Well guess what? You can have as many celestial friends, advisors or counselors as you need or want. In fact, they are waiting patiently for you to ask for their help saying, “pick me, pick me!” In this first module you’ll jump into magic and serendipity as you learn how to harness the power of the angelic realm to co-create your world. You will learn numerous exciting and playful techniques to help you develop a close personal relationship with your celestial team. Soon you’ll wonder how you ever got along without your heavenly hires.

The time has come for you to experience a whole new UNIVERSE OF POWER from your celestial friends! In Hiring the Heavens In-Depth, you will learn how to:

► Develop a close, personal friendship with Spirit, Angels and heavenly beings

  • Discover a simple, practical approach to master the co-creative process
  • Create personal committees of Light/Spiritual Beings for assistance in every area of your life
  • Experience a steady stream of rapid ongoing miracles and synchronicity
  • Most profoundly, have an epiphany of the highest order when you come to know who you really are.

► Go beyond the Law of Attraction into the Law of Grace and discover the magic in your life

  • Gain a whole new perspective on how you create – one you’ve never heard before
  • Understand when the Law of Attraction works and when it doesn’t and how you can make the most of it
  • Make the quantum leap into the Law of Grace so that you can be the master of your life, not the victim
  • Expand your awareness into the pure potential of choice

► Understand the three primary laws of manifesting

  • Be astounded when you realize you operate as a Trinity in every moment!
  • Finally comprehend why sometimes bad things happen to good people
  • Learn why the belief “there are no accidents” is absolutely false on one level
  • Learn why sometimes you are the victim and sometimes you are not
  • Gain the knowledge to be the most effective creator you can be
  • Imagine waking up each morning knowing you have god-within and asking with great enthusiasm, “God, what do we want to create today?”

Creative Mystic™ is such a great gift and has been such a confirming experience. It opened doors that I have been trying to open for years. I had been looking for a way to access blockages quicker and at a deeper level and know how to remove them quickly. I now have access to so many different options! Creative Mystic™ is an eye opening experience that is unique and tailored to each individual in an absolutely safe and loving environment. The enthusiasm is contagious and the techniques you learn can easily be tapped into whenever you need them – for life.


Module Two TQ Advantage

Tap into the expansive creativity of the intuitive mind and get the TQ Advantage!

Most people are familiar with the term IQ, which measures a person’s intelligence. Did you know that every person also has a TQ, which stands for transcendental intelligence? This is that innate intelligence beyond the intellect. In this module you will learn how to bypass the logical mind and go directly to the one source who knows you better than anybody – YOU! You’ll learn how to awaken and strengthen your transcendental intelligence utilizing simple and immediately applicable techniques. You’ll learn how to connect with your Higher Guidance to finally get the answers you are seeking for the big and small questions. You’ll be trained to use Tarot and other oracles and how to dowse with a pendulum.

Discovering and raising your TQ is so much fun that it will become your go-to method for receiving answers for you and your clients! Here’s a sampling of what you will learn:

► Develop your transcendental intelligence even if you never thought you were intuitive

  • Learn how to distinguish between the voice of Higher Guidance and your own mind chatter
  • Experience transforming your doubts and insecurities about your intuition into trust, confidence and certainty
  • Discover simple forms of muscle testing for quick yes/no answers

► Become adept at receiving insights through oracles and pendulum dowsing

  • Learn the basics of pendulum dowsing for receiving spot-on answers
  • Learn how to formulate accurate questions that remove ambiguity in your answers
  • Be astonished at the mind-blowing accuracy of Tarot and other oracles
  • Experience the big picture wisdom of the Runes

► Discover an engaging form of journaling with your Higher Guidance

  • Create a personal dialog with your spirit guides and get answers to any questions you might have
  • Learn how to “follow the lead” of your Higher Guidance
  • Go beyond simple yes and no answers to a conversation with words
  • Finally have a system to make sense of your life and soul

Creative Mystic is unlike any other course I have ever taken. Have an open mind and be prepared to have your boat rocked in a good way. It’s amazing!


On a scale of 1-10 I’d give Creative Mystic™ a 12! It was more than I could have hoped for. It will change your life.


Module Three Creative Mystic™ Spiritual Studies

Bring heaven down to earth and understand your physical life through the Creative Mystic™ experience.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Who am I?” or “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose?” If so, can you imagine how much easier life would be if you knew the answer to those questions? In the Creative Mystic™ module you get to learn the answers to these questions and more. Your life will be transformed from a seeming series of random events to a divine orchestration with you as the conductor. Rather than ending up in another dead-end job, unhealthy relationship or painful health issue without a remedy, your life will become a grand adventure that bursts with the confidence that comes from knowing exactly who you areand what you are here to do.

The Creative Mystic™ module is a study of the spiritual aspect of life that illuminates the exquisite connection where your life and soul meet. In this module, you will:

► Embark on a fantastic treasure hunt of self-discovery that will captivate your heart and soul

  • Fall in love with “who you are” as you unveil your gifts of spirit and your unique life purpose
  • Discover why you matter
  • Meet your High Council, your spiritual guides entrusted with your destiny
  • Answer the mystic’s questions: how did we get here, what is our purpose and how do we create?

►Understand the Four Aspects of your life’s purpose

  • Identify your core essence of the Light that you shine
  • Reveal what it is that you are uniquely qualified to do with the Light that you shine
  • Realize your divine right to negotiate your contract for your calling
  • Get the depth of wisdom that comes from knowing what your soul came here to do
  • Know what is “Yours to do” and act upon it with assurance

► Discover the Four Cornerstones of Creation upon which all your life can be built.

  • Build a solid foundation that allows you to create your dreams with assurance
  • Discover the essential Accept, Claim and Proclaim process which must be done before manifestation can take place
  • Deepen your understanding of life as you learn how to receive messages from three distinct aspects of your being
  • Finally get clarity on what’s been missing in your manifesting skills
  • Shift your experience of reality to a magical orchestration of your life and soul with divine purpose behind every expression

I have been longing to know who I am for so long. I have known that I was not living the life I was meant to live but could not find the portal to allow this discovery – until now. This program is a toolkit of blessings and will help you understand how to heal your life. You will wish you had these tools years ago.

Lee W.

Creative Mystic™ is a truly amazing, enlightening, empowering and uplifting experience. It will change your life in a very positive way. What a phenomenal course!


Mary Ellen Ryder Shares Her Personal Story…

Dayana Paterson Shares Her Personal Story...

The value of this course far exceeds the price.

Just think: finally having the confidence to move forward in life with direction from Higher Guidance every step of the way and experiencing a deep soul satisfaction knowing you are truly expressing your gifts and making a difference in the world.

AND all of this in 3 months! Wow! Now that’s a deal!

If you feel excited and ready for a new found appreciation of your life, and gain clarity, direction and purpose along the journey… if you’re ready to experience a quantum leap and live the life of your dreams with your heart wide open…
then I’m honored and excited to work with you to create your infinitely blessed life.

—that’s the Creative Mystic Intuitive™ certification program promise.

With anticipation for our blessed year…


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The Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Certification Program is designed to use both for personal growth and as a business. This certification program will give you everything you need to meet the challenges in life and have the career of a lifetime. You will have a new found appreciation for your life, and gain clarity, direction and purpose along the journey—that’s the Creative Mystic Intuitive™ Certification Program promise.


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