Are we spiritual beings having a human experience?

divine assistance

It’s been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And it is our desire to understand what it means to be “spiritual” that leads us to explore all manner of metaphysics. It seems to make sense: if I want to become more spiritual, I need to study more about spirituality. Well, it’s time to…

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What is Dowsing? 5 things you should know!

What is dowsing

So what is dowsing exactly? Most people associate the term ‘dowsing’ with the process of using rods or branches to help locate water sources. Actually, dowsing encompasses a much broader concept that includes the use of any object, such as a pendulum, to tune in to certain frequencies. Dowsing has been historically used to find…

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Being Your Authentic Self

authentic self

Have you ever been scared to open up to others? Being your authentic self can sometimes be hard. Let’s face it, the work I do is a bit out there… a bit on the woo woo side of things. Finding a way to open up to others can be daunting sometimes, especially if their beliefs…

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Spiritual Exercise to Seeing the Purpose In Your Relationship

Creative Mystic Art

Time to experience the purpose in your relationship Did you know that your relationships have a purpose and they don’t happen “by accident?” And I mean ALL your relationships, not just romantic. Your friends, co-workers and yes, even your family members do not happen by accident! Pick a relationship and lets have some fun Here’s…

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Dowsing to communicate with your pets!

dowsing to communicate

It seems nothing short of a miracle when we use dowsing to communicate, and receive an answer! Whether it is with our Higher Self or our little furry friends, using dowsing to communicate can be a fun and enlightening experience. Animals can choose their name Years ago I obtained an adorable Chihuahua from a rescue center. They…

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The Power of Thought

What you think does make a difference on how you live.  The mind is extremely powerful. And yet, it’s not always obvious at first.  The changes are subtle and woven into our lives. Each decision we make or passing thought have a downstream effect, whether we realize it or not. We often can’t discern on a daily basis the effect our thoughts have.

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The Movie of Your Life

The Movie of Your Life What fun it must be for our Souls to design and create an experience!  But how exactly do we accomplish that? The best analogy is to put it in the context of a movie production. The Soul is given the task by God to create an experience which explores an…

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Your Calling

Your Calling If someone had told me years ago that I was going to be a spiritual teacher and write materials exploring the mystic’s questions, I would have thought they were crazy. I never set out to be a spiritual teacher. It was never a goal I deliberately pursued – rather I felt called to…

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What dimension are you in?

The Earth Dimension There are innumerable dimensions of God’s creation. Our earth dimension is just one but it happens to be the one we, as humans, are most interested in. The Soul does NOT create the dimensions but rather uses these dimensions to explore various experiences. Each dimension is “preloaded” with an overriding program setting…

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