Successful Calling on Angels

I just recently received an extraordinary email from AmondaRose Igoe. She has had some amazing successes with Hiring the Heavens, and I just wanted to share with you a story that she wrote about her experience with the angels! This story was published in the book Powerful You!’s “Journey to Joy,” by Sue Urda and Kathy Flyer:…

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This is why I love my job

I love what I do, and I truly enjoy getting emails like this… Jean, I am not sure if you remember me, but I came to you as a patient in your practice 11 years ago, after my first son Joseph was born. I came to you at a time in my life where I…

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Another Great Hiring the Heavens testimonial!

spiritual committees

Hi Jean, Just last week I heard your interview on the energized today online event. I loved it and bought the Kindle version the next day. I put it right to work and had results the first day. I hired an expert auto salesperson as my son started working at a car dealership just out…

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Peta’s Hiring the Heavens Success Story

I received such a wonderful email today. Although it is lengthy, it is extremely entertaining and such a pleasure to read! I love Hiring the Heavens success stories!   … “I would like to tell you my angel story…   Obviously with or without  an actual copy of your book in my hand, I was…

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Submit Your Stories

Stories inspire us and expand our imagination to ideas we would not have thought of. Here is your opportunity to share your Hiring the Heavens stories and experiences to inspire others. I have been amazed over the past several years of the creative ways people have used the Hiring the Heavens concept. I’ve gotten chuckles…

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Divine Intervention – A Miraculous Story

divine intervention

The vast majority of people believe in angels or a divine source of assistance. Enthusiasts often reveal dramatic stories of divine intervention that have clearly affected them at a deep level. One such story I heard recently brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it. A mother’s divine intervention story A mother…

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Hiring The Heavens – Lost Wedding Ring

hiring the heavens

We have all had those stomach dropping moments where we realize we’ve lost something. In my book Hiring the Heavens, I provide other-worldly examples of every day miracles and the spiritual jewelry sleuth is exceptional at their job. A lost wedding ring What happened to my brother Norm is a perfect example. The story began…

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How To Hire A Spiritual Angel Committee

spiritual angel committee

There is no right or wrong way to hire a Spiritual Angel Committee There are so many ways you can talk with your angels/celestial staff. You can write to them, imagine having conversations with them in your head or just think of what you want and ask for help. You can be as organized as…

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