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Stories inspire us and expand our imagination to ideas we would not have thought of. Here is your opportunity to share your Hiring the Heavens stories and experiences to inspire others. I have been amazed over the past several years of the creative ways people have used the Hiring the Heavens concept. I’ve gotten chuckles…

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Miracles DO happen! A Hiring the Heavens Review

hiring the heavens review

A new review on my book Hiring the Heavens showed up on Amazon. Wow, I loved it so I thought I’d post it here so you can all read it. Thanks Jennifer for writing this. Hiring the Heavens review Ditto everyone else’s glowing praise for this book and the technique. Here are a few of the results…

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Spiritual pet support

spiritual pet support

I am always mesmerized by the stories I receive. Here is one about hiring an angel for spiritual pet support! How we ask for help is just as important as the ask itself. Angelic pet support team Jean:  I belong to Unity in Fresno and heard your presentation to us a few weeks ago. I…

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4 Angel Committees for your everyday needs

angel committee

Spiritual support just an ask away Since writing Hiring the Heavens in 2005, I have heard countless incredible efforts of hired angel committees resulting in the most unbelievable outcomes. What I love most is that you can hire an angel or angel team for any ordinary task to the most extraordinary. Whether you’re hiring an…

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Spiritual Financial Support

Hire the Heavens for angelic financial support! We are never alone and there will always be a celestial support staff standing ready to support you when you need it. And yes, that includes financial support! Hiring the Heavens is really about adopting a new paradigm of our relationship with the spiritual aspect of ourselves and…

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Angelic Helpers are Even in the Library

Angelic Helpers

Eager Angelic helpers for Hire A simple way to shift your perception of the spiritual world is to imagine a vast resource pool of eager specialists with every skill and talent needed to aid us in all aspects of our lives. Imagine an angel adept at accounting, or proficient at sales, or gifted in diplomacy.…

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Divine Intervention – A Miraculous Story

divine intervention

The vast majority of people believe in angels or a divine source of assistance. Enthusiasts often reveal dramatic stories of divine intervention that have clearly affected them at a deep level. One such story I heard recently brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it. A mother’s divine intervention story A mother…

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Hiring The Heavens – Lost Wedding Ring

hiring the heavens

We have all had those stomach dropping moments where we realize we’ve lost something. In my book Hiring the Heavens, I provide other-worldly examples of every day miracles and the spiritual jewelry sleuth is exceptional at their job. A lost wedding ring What happened to my brother Norm is a perfect example. The story began…

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