Evidence of Divine Assistance

Have you ever experienced divine assistance? The vast majority of people believe in angels or a divine source of assistance. Enthusiasts often reveal dramatic stories of divine assistance that have clearly affected them at a deep level. One such story I heard recently brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it. A…

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Dreaming – why we should never stop

authentic self

Dreams are magical. The very essence of individual experience begins with dreaming about something beyond what we have; something beyond our immediate reach. We all have dreams. It starts at a very young age, maybe even before we are conscious about it, but eventually we know there are dreams. I can remember daydreaming often as…

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Spiritual Exercise to Seeing the Purpose In Your Relationship

Creative Mystic Art

Time to experience the purpose in your relationship Did you know that your relationships have a purpose and they don’t happen “by accident?” And I mean ALL your relationships, not just romantic. Your friends, co-workers and yes, even your family members do not happen by accident! Pick a relationship and lets have some fun Here’s…

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The Power of Thought

What you think does make a difference on how you live.  The mind is extremely powerful. And yet, it’s not always obvious at first.  The changes are subtle and woven into our lives. Each decision we make or passing thought have a downstream effect, whether we realize it or not. We often can’t discern on a daily basis the effect our thoughts have.

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Who Wants To Be A Mystic?

I’ve been a “mystic” much of my adult life. Not in the traditional sense of sequestering myself away like an eccentric hermit living on a mountaintop contemplating the meaning of life. Who has time for that? I’ve got a family, a career and too many other things I’d rather do. And yet, I hear the…

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The Power of Intuition and Higher Guidance with Guest Jean Slatter

In this episode of Simply Living Wellness, Donna Abreu interviews guest, Jean Slatter, about why it’s so important to tune into your higher guidance before setting life goals or making big decisions… or even making small decisions! The power of intuition is no small topic. Anyone can communicate with their higher guidance (otherwise known as your soul, divine self,…

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