Break Free of the Law of Attraction presentation

This coming October 8th and 9th I will be presenting a new topic at the Southwest Dowsing Conference in Flagstaff, AZ.  To find out more information go to


Break Free of the Law of Attraction : You have more options than you’ve been lead to believe!

Are you frustrated working with the Law of Attraction?  Sometimes the Law
of Attraction just doesn’t make sense, and quite frankly not everything that
happens (good or bad) is truly attracted.  I’m convinced it’s not the only way
we can manifest.  The universe is considerably more interesting and complex than
what can be boiled down to a simple attraction concept. There is a higher law
that taps into the overriding force and wisdom governing creation and our real
I’ve studied and practiced the Law of Attraction for years and I have
stumbled onto a much more powerful force than attraction.  In the years since
publishing Hiring the Heavens I have discovered how unique and different it is
from the principles behind attracting.  Many others have excitedly agreed.  I
have opened to more peace, joy and practical inspiration …and yes, even some
extraordinary miracles. 
Come to my workshop and learn my secret.
The time has come for a whole new UNIVERSE OF POWER to unfold as you open
to the Law of Grace.

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