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Self and God

Creating Miracles

Creating Miracles The Spirits of Creation – angels, divas, fairies, and a number of other entities from the spiritual realm, are interactive and want to assist you in the creation of experience.  My landmark book Hiring the Heavens talks at length about the Spirits of Creation and enthusiastic readers have sent me a flurry of…

What the Creative Mystic knows…

The Creative Mystic knows “it’s my world and it’s all for me.” From the character-self perspective, the universe is so immense that we can’t possibly grasp it. So focus your awareness on your world, your sphere of influence, the people and experiences that you attract. Rather than saying something bad happened “to” you, adopt the…

Was it fate?

Was it fate? Does free will exist? If so, in what context? Does fate exist? If so, in what context? These two questions have been pondered and debated throughout time.  My Guidance says they are both equally in play like two sides of a coin. In fact, the very possibility of free will depends on…

Designing Our Earth Experience

Designing Our Earth Experience The complexity of how an experience is designed for a human life in consciousness is quite extraordinary. When my Guidance explained it to me it was enough to make my head spin. So let me try to explain… God has an “I wonder…” thought, and that Souls are created by God…

Did you Know You’re In a Very Strong Bargaining Position?

Did you Know You’re In a Very Strong Bargaining Position? Your Light is unique and there is no one else that can express that Light. Therefore, you are in a very strong bargaining position. As I’ve said before (see the picture below), God knows itself by experiencing life through us. What most of us don’t…

Want to know how you get here?

Your Character-Self How did you get here? I mean, really. How is it possible that you showed up in human form with this thing called personality and an implausible consciousness and, even more astounding, an awareness? Although this is a mystery that has prevailed forever, my Guidance has boiled it down to the most simplistic…


Do you know your purpose?

Do you know your purpose? Your Soul’s Gift of Light Your Soul is imbued with unique characteristics of God, of God’s Light. The fact is, there is no one else who can shine the Light of your Soul exactly the way that you do. Just like the sun, the rays of light emanate from the…

How worthy are you?

How Worthy Are You? Is worthiness an issue for you? Do you feel fundamentally unworthy simply because you exist as human? How does that manifest in your life? Take an honest look at all the ways you punish yourself, either overtly or by your internal critic as a way to “straighten” yourself out because of…


I just recently received an extraordinary email from AmondaRose Igoe. She has had some amazing successes with Hiring the Heavens, and I just wanted to share with you a story that she wrote about her experience with the angels! This story was published in the book Powerful You!’s “Journey to Joy,” by Sue Urda and Kathy Flyer:…

What is your Soul?

Have you ever wondered what exactly your Soul is? Many people believe that we have a soul but rarely question what it is or how it came to be. There are some very fuzzy and ambiguous thoughts around what the Soul is. When I asked my Higher Guidance about the Soul I received a very…


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