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Angelic Helpers

Angelic Helpers are Even in the Library

Eager Angelic helpers for Hire A simple way to shift your perception of the spiritual world is to imagine a vast resource pool of eager specialists with every skill and talent needed to aid us in all aspects of our lives. Imagine an angel adept at accounting, or proficient at sales, or gifted in diplomacy.…

Jean at art show

The Angels Made Me Do It – Creative Mystic Art by Jean

Creative Mystic Art story It was my 63rd birthday and I was at a spiritual retreat with my “goddess gathering” group. On the first night I asked everyone what they needed to do to bring in more joy. One by one we went around the room giving our answers. I was the last to go.…

divine intervention

Divine Intervention – A Miraculous Story

The vast majority of people believe in angels or a divine source of assistance. Enthusiasts often reveal dramatic stories of divine intervention that have clearly affected them at a deep level. One such story I heard recently brings tears to my eyes every time I think of it. A mother’s divine intervention story A mother…

hiring the heavens

Hiring The Heavens – Lost Wedding Ring

We have all had those stomach dropping moments where we realize we’ve lost something. In my book Hiring the Heavens, I provide other-worldly examples of every day miracles and the spiritual jewelry sleuth is exceptional at their job. A lost wedding ring What happened to my brother Norm is a perfect example. The story began…

divine assistance

Are we spiritual beings having a human experience?

It’s been said that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. And it is our desire to understand what it means to be “spiritual” that leads us to explore all manner of metaphysics. It seems to make sense: if I want to become more spiritual, I need to study more about spirituality. Well, it’s time to…

What is dowsing

What is Dowsing? 5 things you should know!

So what is dowsing exactly? Most people associate the term ‘dowsing’ with the process of using rods or branches to help locate water sources. Actually, dowsing encompasses a much broader concept that includes the use of any object, such as a pendulum, to tune in to certain frequencies. Dowsing has been historically used to find…

hire the heavens

Hire the Heavens – Help Is Just a Thought Away

Hire the Heavens for all tasks, big and small This is your time to Hire the Heavens! Angels are just waiting to be hired, they want to help no matter how big or small the ask. Remember – there is no right or wrong way to Hire the Heavens! You can make it as specific…

authentic self

Being Your Authentic Self

Have you ever been scared to open up to others? Being your authentic self can sometimes be hard. Let’s face it, the work I do is a bit out there… a bit on the woo woo side of things. Finding a way to open up to others can be daunting sometimes, especially if their beliefs…

Creative Mystic Art

Spiritual Exercise to Seeing the Purpose In Your Relationship

Time to experience the purpose in your relationship Did you know that your relationships have a purpose and they don’t happen “by accident?” And I mean ALL your relationships, not just romantic. Your friends, co-workers and yes, even your family members do not happen by accident! Pick a relationship and lets have some fun Here’s…

spiritual angel committee

How To Hire A Spiritual Angel Committee

There is no right or wrong way to hire a Spiritual Angel Committee There are so many ways you can talk with your angels/celestial staff. You can write to them, imagine having conversations with them in your head or just think of what you want and ask for help. You can be as organized as…


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