Being Authentic

I was at an Easter party recently and met an old acquaintance that was very interested in hearing what I have been up to in the last few years.  We quickly found a meeting ground with our views on spirituality and became surprising open.  I watched his face for any sign of skepticism as I went more in depth about my thoughts.  His eyes were unflinching.  So I kept going until I reached a point where I thought surely my ideas would shock and offend him but still he remained open and encouraging.

I observed myself in this process with some amusement.  It seemed as though I was reluctant to be authentic until I knew it was safe.  Safe from what?  Who knows, maybe ridicule or disdain or maybe even something as benign as mild disagreement.  And even if that happened, so what!

By the end of our conversation I found myself being very impressed with his views and insights.  He may have even shocked me a little.  I was very grateful he had the courage to be authentic and speak his truth. It was a wonderful exchange that only happened because of the willingness to be open and provide a “safe” space.

If you don’t speak your truth, who else will?


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