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Affiliates can earn generous commissions just from telling others about Creative Mystic's certification programs: Creative Mystic Intuitive and Higher Guidance Life Coach (up to $1200 per sign-up).

We value the commitment from our affiliates and make every effort for a win/win relationship. The more people you get to sign-up, the more money you make.


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After submitting the form above, a member of our team will get back to you with the official affiliate registration via email.  Below you will find the "Affiliate Agreement" and details.


Thank you for your interest in becoming an affiliate of Jean Slatter and the Jean Slatter Network including and and any other website under the Jean Slatter Network.

Jean's intention is to make this a mutually beneficial partnership for the purpose of promoting events to the affiliate's email list in return for subsequent revenues generated through commissions.

Jean's Responsibilities

  • Jean has an affiliate program through her autoresponder/shopping cart ( which will automatically provide a special link when you sign up as an affiliate.  Use this special link for any of the emails you send out on behalf of a promotion of Jean Slatter so that your commissions are credited to your account. 


  • You will also be able to look up your commissions at anytime through your sign up username and password.  Commissions are posted the day after they are generated. Commissions earned from the certification programs are kept track of in a Quickbooks system and not through 1shoppingcart. Reasons for this are listed below.


  • Jean will pay the agreed upon commissions after 35 days from the date generated to allow time for refunds. 


  • There are two basic types of commissions: 
    1. Commissions earned from a special sales package of digital products such as for a telesummit.  Jean will pay Host a 50% commission for sales from all mailing lists less administration fees of 3%.  Jean will pay Host 100% of the commission earned within 35 days from the date of the interview to allow sufficient time for refunds. Payment will be made on the 1st or the 15th of the month, whichever comes first after the 35 day refund period expires.
    2. Commissions earned from the promotion of Jean's certification programs.    


    The HGLC program is 6 months long with a non-refundable deposit that can get paid weeks in advance. My assistant and I discovered that if a sign-up clears their cookies in between the deposit and the start of the program, we could lose the affiliate name associated.

    So we came up with a solution to ensure you get credit for each of your referrals even if they clear their cookies.

    First we created a contact form where the interested party can simply put your name in the box, "How did you hear about this program?"

    Secondly, we have attached a minimum commission of $10 to the deposit so that we can see your affiliate link. NOTE: This is NOT your full commission but rather just a way for us to make sure your link is credited for the sale.

    You will receive an email like this:

              This email is to notify you that you have made a sale.
              You have earned $10.00 in commission for this sale, which was placed by xxxxx
              This will be added to your total commissions for this month.
              To verify your stats online please visit:

    Your real commissions are a set amount and divided evenly over the length of the program. For example, the commission earned per sign-up for the HGLC 6 month program is $1200, so commissions of $200 would be paid monthly for 6 months equaling $1200.

    Typically students take the 3-month Creative Mystic Intuitive program first - your commission is $600. Then, if they wish to become a Higher Guidance Life Coach they continue on for the next 3-month HGLC program. Your commission is another $600, $1200 total. Your commission will be paid in increments of $200 monthly over the length of attendance of either program.

    Commissions earned will be paid within 35 days from the start date of the program to allow sufficient time for refunds. Payment will be made on the 1st or the 15th of the month, whichever comes first after the 35 day refund period expires.

    Commissions will only be paid for the length of time that the student is in the program. For example, if the student drops out after 3 months of the 6 month program, then commissions will only be paid for the 3 months of attendance.

    NOTE: As an affiliate you will not be able to track your commissions from the certification programs through the 1shoppingcart link because of the concerns stated above. Commissions will be managed through a Quickbooks system and automatically paid to your Paypal account or through your email address.


Affiliate’s Responsibilities for Telesummits

  • Affiliate for telesummits will send dedicated emails to their complete email list on the dates requested.
  • Jean will provide the Affiliate with templates for the emails. Affiliate is encouraged to edit the content to better suit their list and personalize it to reflect their voice.
  • Affiliate shall schedule to send out the emails as per the dates requested.
  • Please remember to use your supplied affiliate link to ensure that all sales are tracked back to your affiliate link for full allocation of commissions.