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Are we worthy?


There is perhaps no other belief as pervasive as “I’m not worthy”.

Feeling unworthy seems fundamentally ingrained in the human experience. So much so that I have to conclude it is part of experiencing the polarities of this earth dimension.

Worthiness issues come in various degrees and levels but the one I want to talk about is the most basic; the idea that all man is born in sin and therefore unworthy from the get-go.

Where did that idea come from?

As a creation of God’s we need to constantly remind ourselves that we are so loved! All of us! We are cherished. Realize you don’t have to punish yourself for being human – celebrate it! The nature of man was divinely designed and is every bit as much God as the Soul.

You are carrying God with you and it is God that is seeing through your eyes, hearing through your ears, touching with your hands – experiencing through YOU!

Think of the ocean, and a drop of water from that ocean. Are they both water? Of course. Is the drop of water the ocean? Of course not. In the same way, we are a drop of God. We’re not here to earn our worthiness and prove that we are God (because we already are); we are here to have the experience of being human and express God through us.

Take an honest look at all the ways you punish yourself, either overtly or by your internal critic as a way to “straighten” yourself out because of an underlying worthiness issue. Resolve to remind yourself who you are carrying with you and how loved you are.

Enjoy insights from my journaling with Higher Guidance as I tackle the big questions such as “are we worthy”! I hold nothing back. You receive it just as I did from my journaling. Get it here!



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