Are there limitations to our creations?

We are here to be creators of experience. In fact, we are extensions of God here having an earthly experience.

This is such a wonderful and empowering concept, but nonetheless, I wondered if there were limitations to our creations. Can we, in fact, have desires that are so outlandish they could be deemed as unacceptable? When we have a desire or something that we want, is there such a thing as an inappropriate desire?

For example, it is possible to ask out of greed or selfishness?  And, since we are God, are we saying that God is greedy, inappropriate, or selfish?

My Higher Guidance responded through my pendulum that I could receive the answer from an oracle, the OHSO ZEN Tarot. When I pulled the card it said:

“There is nobody who is superior and nobody who is inferior in existence.  There is no thought or desire that is superior or inferior.  All complexity arises out of the fight to be superior.  The innocent person has given up this fight, and the disappearance of the “I” is that innocence.”

This profound message meant that all is God; there is nothing else.


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