Another Great Hiring the Heavens testimonial!

Hi Jean,

Just last week I heard your interview on the energized today online event. I loved it and bought the Kindle version the next day. I put it right to work and had results the first day.

I hired an expert auto salesperson as my son started working at a car dealership just out of college, and he hadn’t sold one yet, and I didn’t want him to get discouraged. He sold his first vehicle that night. I also sent one to my other son because he is trying to start a business and had some powersports items, like a motorcycle, four wheeler, etc., and he was getting really stressed. I talked to him yesterday, and he had traded a motorcycle for a boat and said for a few weeks nothing and then he starting getting a bunch of calls. I asked what day it was and he said Thursday.

I have a bathroom vanity to sell too that I had posted a buy and sell site on FB a few weeks ago. Nothing. So I said oh yeah, and I need a buyer for that, and a few hours later someone sends me an email and wants it.

I have such an active life that I am making a bunch of committees for all of the aspects of my life.

Just last night I was at the library and I was looking for a particular book, couldn’t find it. Went to the library catalog and the web was down on that computer. I thought it was the only one. Went back to the same area where it should have been and nothing. I just said, help me find this book. Kind of gave up, and was leaving only to see another computer with the library catalog. Sure enough they have it. I go back and look and couldn’t see it. I said another help me find that book, bam, there it was. I say thank you.

I have specialist hired for many different areas and situations. I hire them to help many others too as needed.

The biggest testimony so far, though, is the Sleep Magic Specialist that I hired. I have had the most incredible sleep. The first night I just asked for a Sleep specialist to help me get a deep, peaceful, well rested sleep. I slept so good. Then I added a dream specialist and dream interpreter and dream recall specialist, to help me remember what I need to from my dreams. I have some pretty fun dreams while I am getting a deep sleep. I also hired a life purpose/career coach and I always ask to show me things in my dreams. The other night I did my nightly thing and added the life purpose to it. I was deep in a dream and I heard a ding on my phone it seemed loud because it woke me up. And usually I put it on silent to sleep, so I was surprised that I heard it ding. I checked my phone and it was someone that I used to work with and my former boss was trying to get a hold of me about a job opportunity. I am in the middle of career change and was this a coincidence? I don’t think so.

Now I go to bed and I say out loud, Sleep Magic do your thing. I love sleeping now, it is such an awesome sleep.

Hiring the Heavens is an easy concept. I think the biggest thing is to just believe. I just ask for patience, and when I start sweating the small stuff I say, take it away and get your job done.

I have employed the help of angels many times but never thought of the idea of specialist. It has brought back a childlike faith that is playful and fun. It feels like life is an adventure and nothing is impossible, there is a specialist for assistance for anything we want to do.




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  1. Narda Maldonado on June 26, 2013 at 11:55 pm

    Muchas gracias, es un libro fabuloso, mi vida jamás volverá a ser la misma desde que lo lei la semana pasada. Ya contratraté a mi Staff de Angeles para mi negocio con excelentes resultados de inmediato, seguiré contratando la ayuda de Angeles en todos los aspectos de mi vida. Eres un enorme y hermoso puente para conectarnos con nuestros Ser, con Dios y con la vida misma! Thank you very much.

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