Angelic Helpers are Even in the LibraryWritten by Jean Slatter

Angelic Helpers

Eager Angelic helpers for Hire

A simple way to shift your perception of the spiritual world is to imagine a vast resource pool of eager specialists with every skill and talent needed to aid us in all aspects of our lives. Imagine an angel adept at accounting, or proficient at sales, or gifted in diplomacy. Imagine that an entire staff of angelic helpers stand ready to support you in small issues such as arranging chance meetings, finding lost items, and bringing new insights. Whether you believe it is help from the angels, from your higher-self, or simply the power of thought, you can ease the struggle in your everyday life by tapping into this incredible Universal power.

Spiritual homework assistant

Angelic helpers

Last month, my friend Rachel called me, overflowing with excitement about her most recent experience with enlisting celestial assistance. Her twelve-year-old son, Logan, had to do a school report on football star Joe Montana. He had been frustrated finding resource books at the school library, so Rachel drove him to their local branch library. Rachel sat in the car with her younger daughter while Logan spent about an hour in the library. He returned to the car empty-handed and discouraged, having discovered that all of the Joe Montana books had already been checked out.

Rachel told him not to worry and suggested that he go back into the library and look around one more time. As he walked away, she closed her eyes and asked for an angelic homework assistant to help him find exactly what he was looking for. Just a couple of minutes later, she and her daughter walked into the library to see how he was doing. She saw her son standing in the check-out line, holding a wonderful oversized picture book with the title Montana across the top.

“That’s perfect!” she beamed. “How did you find it so quickly?”

He whispered, “You won’t believe this, Mom ,” and then took her over to the side. He spoke as if he was a little spooked , recounting how he had returned to the sports section of the library when suddenly a thought appeared in his mind: “Maybe a book fell behind the shelves.” Something then compelled him to stick his head right into a space in the racks and look down.

He continued, “I saw the edge of a book, so I reached down and pulled this up!”

Divine intervention

Logan was completely incredulous, but Rachel was certain it was due to divine intervention.

But what she told me next was so outrageous that I could hardly believe it myself: When Logan went to check out the book, the librarian at the counter told him that this book wasn’t even in the library’s computer system! It appears the spiritual homework assistant had placed the perfect book there for him, simply for the taking. Now that’s magic!

The Universe does indeed work in mysterious ways. What would we do without our angelic helpers!

About Jean – Jean Slatter is the founder of the Higher Guidance Life Coach certification program, which teaches holistic healing modalities and spiritual philosophies intended for self-growth and assisting others on their paths to wholeness. She is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance. 

In 2005 Jean published her landmark book Hiring the Heavens which introduces a unique perspective on connecting with the power of the heavens to fulfill your daily and life goals. Hiring the Heavens is inspiring people all over the world to create their world in tandem with the workforce of the celestial realm.

Certification programs and courses – If you would like to learn more about becoming a Higher Guidance Life Coach, please visit the program overview page. Jean also provides multiple self-study courses including Hiring the Heavens-in depth, pendulum dowsing, and tools to raise your Transcendent Intelligence (TQ). You can find an overview of these courses here.

Audio and Ebooks – Jean provides a number of audio and Ebook products, which you can find here.

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter

Jean Slatter is an accomplished author and inspirational speaker who is helping thousands to receive clarity, direction and purpose through their direct access to Higher Guidance.

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