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the world? Whether You Realize It Or Not, You're ALREADY ON IT!

And The PRIZE is YOU!!!

Do you sometimes wonder

  • Who you are?
  • Why you are here?
  • What your purpose is?

Do you feel a longing to merge your soul's intention with your everyday life?
What Would That Feel Like For You? Do you wish you had a deeper understanding of your life's events? How Would That Change Your Experience?

Creative Mystic takes YOU on An Unparalleled Journey Of UNDERSTANDING life's Deepest Questions.

Get Answers - Profound Answers - (no matter who or what you believe in.)

Sign up NOW for the free Creative Mystic Journal Pages. You will receive new insights every 12 days for the next year and a half in your email box that will explore the journey to Where Your Life and Soul Meet .

"It's like a fantastic Treasure Hunt and the Prize is YOU!"

I will hold nothing back. You'll receive the information just as I did from my Guidance about where you came from, how you came to be, why you exist, and what you are here to do. I must admit, when these insights were revealed to me much of it surprised and even shocked me. In fact, the very foundations of my beliefs were rocked.

"You don't have to be spiritual or religious. My words will speak to your soul."

What our readers say:

Please pass this message along to Jean...

Thank you Jean for your amazing generosity
through the Journal Pages. They were always a first read in my Inbox.

Thanks Jean!

Susan R.

Dear Jean,

Thanks for the attention-and-thought provoking #7 Journal. You have a gift for packing a depth of layers in accessible language.

Your entries are light and engaging... until at the end I realize what I've just digested! POW! It's a very good approach! No resisting along the way. You are a precious light in our midst Jean. I'm grateful to you. Your heart is gold.

Peace and love,

Taylor P.

Jean, I can't tell you how grateful I am to be receiving your Journal Pages.

As a new subscriber, I've only read Number 4 through 7. But the messages are so incredibly powerful and resonate with me completely.


I hope that you will publish a booklet containing all these messages. (I did!) I can see myself carrying these messages around with me every day to remind me of who I am. And to reinforce my efforts open the channel to my higher guidance.


Thank you for your help, Jean!

Gordon S.

Dearest Jean,

Once again you blow me away. It's like you are my gift from God that reminds me, "See, I told you!"


I know I'm only one in thousands that you are a blessing to, but I want you to know, you make a positive impact and difference in my life.


Thank you for sharing your light! 

Cheryl H.

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IN ADDITION TO GIFT #1: The Journal Pages… You will also receive four more special gifts!

  • Gift #2:  You’ll receive my short video series, Dowsing Today , that shows you practical ways of integrating dowsing into your life.
  • Gift #3:  You’ll receive the first 3 chapters of my bestselling book Hiring the Heavens.
  • Gift #4:  You’ll receive an MP3 audio recording in which I was interviewed by AmondaRose. It gives fantastic tips for "hiring the heavens" in your business and personal life.
  • Gift #5:  You’ll receive two insightful conversations I had with my dear friend Dayana (and the multidimensional beings she merges with–AMAG) titled “Birth of God” and “Are We God?”.

With just these five gifts, you’ll be well on your way to seeing extraordinary synchronicities and miracles in your life. Listen to the recordings over and over and you’ll be inspired to create your life from a whole new perspective!

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