Learn in the comfort of your own home with these extraordinary self-improvement video courses offered at three different levels!

Pendulum Dowsing Self-Study Video Course

Now Presenting: The Pendulum Dowsing Self-Study Video Course!

Pendulum dowsing teaches you how to tap into the vast potential of the human intuitive mind through accessing your higher wisdom. It shows you how easy it is to access your intuition and Higher Guidance regardless of where you are in your training.

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Hiring the Heavens In-Depth Self-Study Video Course

The time has come for you to experience a whole new UNIVERSE OF POWER from your celestial friends!

Develop a close, personal friendship with Spirit, Angels and heavenly beings, go beyond the Law of Attraction into the Law of Grace and discover the magic in your life, and understand the three primary laws of manifesting.


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TQ Advantage Self-Study Video Course

Tap into the expansive creativity of the intuitive mind and get the TQ Advantage!

Develop your transcendental intelligence through oracles and pendulum dowsing, and discover an engaging form of journaling with your Higher Guidance.

Includes module: Hiring the Heavens In-Depth


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Creative Mystic Spiritual Self-Study Video Course


Embark on a fantastic treasure hunt of self-discovery that will captivate your heart and soul, understand the Four Aspects of your life’s purpose, and discover the Four Cornerstones of Creation upon which all your life can be built.

Includes TWO previous modules: Hiring the Heavens In-Depth and TQ Advantage


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Would you like to create an amazing career as a certified Creative Mystic Intuitive or a Higher Guidance Life Coach?  Do you love self growth and are interested in getting the most out of these programs?

Consider a more personal involvement with the benefit of a virtual classroom and live support from a certified Higher Guidance Life Coach teacher. Take a look at our certification programs!

Creative Mystic Intuitive Certification Program

Become a Creative Mystic Intuitive to create a fantastic career or massively enrich your current career and personal life!

The Creative Mystic program will help you know yourself more fully than you’ve ever known yourself before. It’s full of tools, practical steps, and specific methods for accessing your Higher Guidance and making sense of your life and soul.


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Higher Guidance Life Coach Certification Program

This is your opportunity to create an amazing career in high demand and get the edge as a Higher Guidance Life Coach!

Higher Guidance Life Coaching is unique in the life coaching world because the coaching comes from Higher Guidance – the innate wisdom that knows everything about you. Higher Guidance gives you the fastest, most efficient way to get the heart of any issue!


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